About Us

Wendover Housing Partners, LLC is a privately held real estate development, investment and management company specializing in the development of single, multi-family and student housing communities.

Wendover Housings Partners

Primary Business

Wendover Management

Property Management

Housing Is at Our Core

At Wendover Housing Partners, we build, finance, and service housing communities for students, families and seniors. As one of the Southeast’s premier affordable and workforce housing companies, our expansive portfolio of affordable and mixed-income developments demonstrates our continuing ability to create housing opportunities in a variety of economically and socially diverse neighborhoods.

Our partnerships are diverse, working with both public and private enterprises in our developments. At Wendover, we have procured funding through state and local housing finance authorities, as well as international financial institutions and pension advisory firms.

Our services include:

  • Property Development
  • Property Management
  • Financial Consulting and Asset Management

Commitment to Sustainability

We believe giving back to the community is crucial to the success of our company. We are committed to using environmentally sustainable and safe methods in building and managing our properties. We also believe in supporting charities and community initiatives that provide a better standard of living for those in the community.

We Build, Finance, and Service Housing Communities

Wendover’s dedication to the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business is visible in everything we do. It is reflected in the distinctive design of our developments, in the quality of our construction, in the amenities we offer, in the distinction of our partners, and in the consistently high level at which our properties operate. It is also apparent in our long-term commitment to owning and managing our properties.

We Are an Ally to Asset Owners and Community Developers

At Wendover, we believe in building relationships. We make great service the cornerstone of our business and it’s evident in our successful relationships with our residents and partners.
Wendover Housing Partners provides professional services for investors and community housing developers across the Southeastern U.S. We also facilitate relationships between community partners and private companies.

PHONE: 407.333.3233

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